Helping journalists during Charlotte’s Democratic National Convention

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During the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, the Greater Charlotte Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists plans to monitor the social media flow and staff its Twitter and public Facebook accounts. The emphasis will be on Twitter communications, but Facebook is there for backup.

We’re here especially to help national and international journalists with specific questions pertaining to journalism that only other journalists can answer. We’re also here to help Charlotte journalists, connecting them to resources as needed.

We’re using volunteers for this effort: SPJ chapter secretary Andria Krewson, who will be in uptown Charlotte during many of the DNC activities, and UNC Charlotte communications student Caroline Lilly. They will try to answer any questions or make referrals to others, and complicated matters might require further direct discussions offline.

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook if we can be of service. And local journalists in the Carolinas: We’d love you to join the chapter, which has no local dues, and the national organization. It’s a good deal.


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One response to “Helping journalists during Charlotte’s Democratic National Convention

  1. Clyde Hughes

    I’m looking for ways to connect with journalists covering the Democratic National Convention. Dr. Rahn Bailey, president of the National Medical Association, the largest association of African-American doctors in the country, will be available to talk about Obamacare and its impact on physicians and patients.

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