Thank you for reading (now join SPJ)

SPJ traffic stats

Our website traffic showed you read us. You really really read us.

Thanks to all who let us be of service in providing education and resources ahead of Charlotte’s Democratic National Convention. The stats (and our personal conversations) show we helped, and that makes us feel good.

Now comes “the ask.” (We’re learning from all those PACs that came to town to raise money.)

Susan Stabley said it best in an interview with Holly Edgell on a national SPJ blog:

Organizations like SPJ must provide support or our craft will be unable to fulfill its mission. There’’s a reason why journalists became journalists, and it’’s not the money. But we can’’t continue to do our jobs and keep the faith without reinforcement.

And this:

SPJ on the chapter level allows journalists to reenergize each other and also mentor each other. On a national level, SPJ sets a bar, enforces ethics, celebrates excellence and guards our First Amendment rights. We need this, perhaps now more than ever.

Again, thanks for letting us be of service. Here’s how you can join.


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