A meetup with Dr. Michael Bitzer, an N.C. political expert

WSOC's Blair Miller (left) and Dr. Michael Bitzer "tweetcast" from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

WSOC’s Blair Miller (left) and Dr. Michael Bitzer “tweetcast” from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

By Frank Barrows

On Nov. 1, nearly on the eve of the election, we’ll have the chance to talk with Dr. Michael Bitzer of Catawba College, one of the Carolinas’ most respected – not to mention most insightful and wittiest – political observers.

At 6:30 p.m. at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille (911 East Morehead Street, Charlotte), he’s our guest for our regular first-Thursday-of-the-month gathering. It promises to be a great night, with lots of discussion about the Nov. 6 election and lots of ideas and information from Dr. Bitzer that will help shape your coverage.

If you don’t already know him, I hope you’ll take this chance to meet Dr. Bitzer. He’s a good a friend of our chapter, and is associate professor of politics and history at Catawba College. You can get an idea of the depth of his thinking and research, as well as his sense of humor, at his blog, NC Politics; his post on Tuesday was a fascinating look at early-voting trends in North Carolina. Or you can follow him on Twitter at @CatawbaPolitics.

Dr. Bitzer is among our state’s most widely quoted experts on elections and campaigns, writing for WFAE this campaign season at The Party Line. He’s also been quoted by people like Charlie Mahtesian at Politico.

This evening is one more part of your chapter’s award-winning initiatives and programming for your professional development. Plus, our meetings are a splendid place for networking.

Please join us, and let your colleagues know about this event: “A Conversation With Michael Bitzer,” 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 1 at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Michael Bitzer.


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